Privacy Policy

Sketch W Friends, a website/ mobile application owned and operated by XLabz Technologies Private Limited, (hereinafter referred to as "we") takes the privacy issues of our users (hereinafter referred to as "you") very seriously. We are committed towards maintaining user privacy at all costs and hence ensure that our privacy policy is extensive and absolutely transparent. Our privacy policy essentially deals with three elements, firstly, the kind of personal information as well as other information that will be collected, our exact use of the collected information and finally our non-disclosure policy, especially with regard to disclosure to third parties.

At the outset, it is important to state that by visiting the Sketch W Friends website or (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") or by downloading the mobile application and playing the game, you are consenting to providing and displaying certain relevant information as required for proper and effective game play.

Nature of the Information Collected

Information collected by this Service includes; personal details, location details and information regarding website and/or mobile application usage statistics.

Personal information at Sketch W Friends means and includes your name, email address, phone number, Facebook IDs, Facebook profile information as well as any other information that uniquely identifies you within our system. Personal information also includes the data that you have stored on your social networking site, which is essentially gathered for enhancing game play.

Our Servers automatically collect location information once you log onto our service. This includes information regarding your current location, which is automatically updated when you use our service by logging onto our game. Location information is used by us only to enhance game play and deliver to you location specific aspects in the game. Allowing location access is optional and the game play doesn’t get affected in any way by not allowing location access.

Opting out of location sharing is possible and can be done by disabling location access to our application through the settings present on your device. Alternatively, you can disallow any access to your location when the mobile operating system asks for such permission during installation.

We may use various web tracking technologies to gather data pertaining to IP address, cookie information and page requested etc. This data can be used by the website/mobile application to identify website traffic patterns as well as to enhance and improve the website accessibility.

We collect drawing data and doodles that you may have sketched during game play. All drawing data created during game play is automatically transmitted and transferred to our server, where it is stored for future use. Enhancing game play, data analysis, creating new features based on this data are some of the specific areas where this drawing data may be used, but is not restricted to. By agreeing to this privacy policy and/or by accessing our website or installing the mobile application, you are essentially agreeing to give us irrevocable and exclusive rights to use all such drawing data in any manner as we may deem fit. This may include, although not be restricted to, displaying the data on our website or mobile application etc; make use of it in our marketing materials and/or in our social media pages.

How do we Use this Information?

Overall use for all kinds of information collected by this Service is merely for improving gaming experience. Below are some of the specific ways in which we shall use the data collected from you.

Personal information is extremely important for our proper functioning. However, we ensure that no such information is revealed or shared or rented to any third party. Use of  this personal information is primarily for interaction between users and friends. The information is also used  by us for customizing your gaming experience,  making improvements as well as keeping you informed about new offers etc.

It is pertinent to note that the drawing data and your basic profile information stored with us on our servers are visible, by default, to other users. In addition to your basic settings, game related information, leaderboard scores, your game progress etc. are also visible to all users by default.

Location information is automatically available and visible when you log onto our game. By default this information is visible; however, this game does not rely on this data for game play. The user is free to deny all or any access to location information when the mobile operating system seeks permission during installation. Location information is strictly used for enhancing game play and providing personalization.

Personal, location and web tracking information is often combined and used to create aggregate information. This information is essentially used for understanding our customer base and improving overall gaming experience.

Rights & Ownership of User Generated Content

All drawing data and doodles created by the users are the exclusive and irrevocable properties of the website/ mobile application. The website reserves the right to use, manipulate, modify or delete this drawing data as it may deem fit. Use of this drawing data may include, but not be restricted to, being part of the marketing material of the website/ mobile application for its promotion, enhanced game play experience, data analysis, improvement of certain features and/or inclusion of new features, sharing of data on social media pages of the website/ mobile application. When drawing data is shared on social media sites, we reserve the right to share and/or acknowledge the identity of the original user, whose data is being shared. Where we deem fit, the identity of the original user, may be revealed, solely for voting and acknowledgment purposes. Where the drawing data is included as part of our marketing material, we reserve the sole right to acknowledge or give credit to the original user.

Disclosure of Information

At the outset, it can be stated that we do not share any kind of information collected without the prior permission of the user. Following are the ways in which this data may be used vis-à-vis third parties.

We do not rent, sell or share any personal information, so obtained from our users, to any third party or company, unless it is so explicitly authorized by the user. Information so gathered may be shared with other users of the game, unless specific privacy settings have been chosen to prevent it.

Sharing of Location details

When you play Sketch W Friends, there is no automatic disclosure of your location. This information is collected solely for information purposes and for enhancing overall gaming experience and is not shared with anyone.

Sharing of Aggregate Information

We may disclose aggregate information to our prospective business partners and third parties for the sole purposes of describing our business operations and scope.

Non-Disclosure Policy

No information so collected by us is shared or rented to any third party. Whilst we endeavor to maintain complete privacy of our users, we are not responsible for any such action or omission that may occur due to situations beyond our control. However, we do reserve the right to share any such information so collected, to any successor to our business, which could result due to merger or acquisition or any other similar business transaction.

Notwithstanding anything mentioned in our privacy policy, we also reserve the right and discretion to disclose any information as may be necessary or required by any law or legal process to protect our rights as well as that of any third party so associated with us.


Other Issues

Sharing on Social Media Sites

In certain cases, drawing data collected by us may be shared on Facebook or Twitter or other social media pages for promotional reasons, which may lead to the identity of the user being revealed. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you are transferring irrevocable and exclusive rights to all drawing data to us to be used in any manner as we deem fit, including sharing on social media websites.

Chats and Forums

Sketch W Friends has multiple game rooms for you to play and interact with others. Any message or chats that you post in such chat and/or forums on our site is deemed to be public information and there is no expectation of privacy or confidentiality therein. While we endeavor to ensure that all our chat rooms are safe and friendly for all users, any identifiable information so submitted during the course of your chats can be collected, read and used by other users to send unsolicited messages to you. We are not responsible for any such information, which is made public in such forums. However, should you face any problem in any chat room from any other user, you can contact us at

Privacy Issues vis-à-vis External Telecommunication Partners

Often when playing our game, you have to rely on network operators and third party telecommunication partners, who will also collect and collate your personal identification information for their own reasons and purposes. For all practical purposes, such information collected is not a part of this privacy policy. We are not responsible for any acts or omissions that may occur on the part of these third party telecommunication operators, which may result in infringement of your privacy.

Ways to Access and Amend Information by User

We allow you to access and amend your contact details, email address etc. by simply writing  to us at

Business Transfers

We reserve the right to sell the website/ mobile application as well as our  entire database to third party buyers at any later date, as it may deem necessary. On event of any such sale, all ownership of data, including drawing data, collected by the website/ mobile application from its users shall be deemed to have become the sole, exclusive and irrevocable property of any such third party buyer from the date of such sale. We shall not be liable for any misuse or abuse of any data, so collected and transferred, that may occur after the completion of such sale.

Applicability of this policy towards Links from Third Parties

We may host several links to other websites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of any such link. Any user wanting to visit such third party links should be aware that the personal information so collected by those links are governed by their own privacy policies and not by the current one. Sketch W Friends is not responsible for any privacy issue that may occur in any such third party sites.


We reserve the right to amend or modify any of the clauses mentioned in this privacy policy from time to time. Any material changes or important changes, related to collection and handling of personal information etc, made with respect to our Privacy Policy shall be communicated to you via a public announcement on our website. For all practical purposes, the privacy policy in existence during the time of information collection will uphold, unless we obtain your consent otherwise.

Minors Policy

Minors below the age of 13 years are expressly prohibited from playing this game. We do not knowingly or willingly allow minors to apply and register with our gaming site or share information with others. Where we are informed of such use of the site by minors, we will take immediate action for deleting all such information pertaining to that account.

For all minors above 13 years of age, by giving consent to your child to use our mobile application, you consent to any general communication like email, instant messaging and communications with online groups as well as disclosure of personal information to other users of all ages. As parents, you can change or revoke any consent so given previously or review or edit or delete the personal information of your child by sending an email to

We shall take all measures to protect any or all such data disclosed by such children. However, if we change our privacy policy in a manner that requires use or disclosure of any or all such personal information in a manner that has not been previously consented to, we shall notify you to obtain your consent before any such use.

We further encourage you to talk to your child about public disclosure of personal information and rules of communicating with strangers. While we will definitely take all steps to ensure complete protection of such data, we are not liable for any action or omission that is beyond our control. Any such inadvertent or advertent sharing of personal information by any child is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian under whose consent the child has signed up.
Applicable Laws

Sketch W Friends is subject to the laws applicable to and in the Union Territory of Pondicherry, India. All users accessing the game and the servers that host them consent to be governed by and are subject to these laws. All users accessing these game servers also consent to the collection and use of personal information as elicited in this privacy policy.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

Sketch W Friends is owned and operated by XLabz Technologies Private Limited, a company registered and operational in Pondicherry, India. All matters arising from or related to the use and operation of the services provided at Sketch W Friends will be governed by the local laws applicable in Pondicherry, as well as the State and Central Laws of India. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you are agreeing to be bound by and liable to these rules and laws and have all matters resolved by the Courts in India. You further consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts over you, stipulate to the fairness and convenience of proceeding in such courts, and covenant not to assert any object to proceeding in such courts. If you choose to access the Services from locations other than India, you will be responsible for complete compliance with all local laws of such location, and in no event shall you use the service in violation of Indian laws or regulations.

Questions or Concerns

For all questions regarding privacy issues when using this Service, do email us at Do include all details of your query in your message and we shall strive to respond to your questions immediately, whilst also trying to resolve your concerns.